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We do a lot of yoga around here. Minimal equipment; no gym membership required; it’s doable 24/7 and anywhere we happen to be; our kids can do it with us — what’s not to love? It’s the workout of choice for working parents, and working parents are something Gathre HQ has a lot of. 

And working parents and yogis have something very important in common: a vital need for balance. Without balance, everything falls down. We don’t have time for tumbling over (and we’re sure you don’t either). Keeping ourselves strong and on solid ground is how we measure success. 

Key to balance in both life and yoga is an intentional absence of multitasking. It’s a focus on focusing. This requires both physical and metaphorical stretching; breathing through the hard parts, and purposely easing (not forcing!) ourselves into more powerful versions of who we are. 

When we do one thing at a time, giving that one thing our whole attention, we can more fully find satisfaction and joy in both the effort and the outcome. There’s beauty in balance: it’s called flow. And we can’t flow if we’re flailing. 

So, let’s commit to finding balance through intentionally doing one thing at once. Let’s clear out the clutter in our work, bodies, and relationships and do fewer, more important, things with greater love. Let’s balance what must be done with the thoughtful, deliberate ways we choose to do it. 

And then let’s rest, satisfied that elegant simplicity is always achieved by balancing beautiful basics.

black text on tan background