Why We Exist

Why We Exist

We exist to make space for the worthwhile — for beauty and ease to be synonymous with fun and togetherness. We aim to bridge the disconnect between thoughtful, purpose-filled living and jam-packed lives. The everyday is sacred, so how we approach the everyday needs to be intentional.

A note from Mare + Jess…

All of this started with a simple idea, borne of the desire to be with the people we love most. To create more beautiful and easy spaces for holding them near. It didn’t take long for that idea to become something much bigger than ourselves — something we could no longer carry on our own. But we couldn’t also deny its larger purpose.

We exist to gather families: given, chosen, and found.

Yes, at first this began in our homes with our given families — the eight little rugrats who mean the entire world to us. But then it flowed outwards to our team… the people who saw the vision and jumped on board. And then finally, we found you all — our community. You are the like-minded folks who, too, want to connect with loved ones in more meaningful ways, and we are overjoyed to have you alongside us on this journey.

Truth is — we’ve always felt this business is something we are called to do, which urges us to keep leaning in, pressing in… never shrinking back. We get out of bed in the morning because we believe this world needs more gathering. Less isolation, more being together. Gathered families are stronger. Happiness is often more present. Which leads to healthier communities.

This mission matters to us. And it’s something we are eternally grateful to be a part of. The work we do — beginning, middle, and end — makes a difference.

These last few years in our culture and society have revealed just how far we’ve fallen apart, drifted away, drawn lines in the sand — and we could all use a little gathering back together.

This company, everything we do at Gathre, are a means to that end.

What Gathre creates…

As young mothers, we needed a foundational place where life could happen: The magic, the messy, the mundane, the miraculous — all of it. A place where function isn’t forfeited for good design, and vice versa. From day one, the purpose of our mats was to make a space. A moving home base to carry with you on all of life’s adventures. Over time, our products evolved and expanded, but the idea of ‘space’ stuck.

Space to be together,
Space to get things done,
Space to play,
Space to imagine,
Or make a big mess,
Space that feels elevated, but also like… home.

And with everything we make and put out into the world, we let good design, beauty, and durability take the lead. Because this space we are creating for the ones we love, and for ourselves, matters. We focused on modern leather goods and thoughtfully crafted our own Gathre Leather (and fell in love) — easy-to-wipe-and-clean, buttery soft, and oh-so-lovely. And, well, we think you’ll love it, too.

We are so grateful you’ve chosen to welcome us into your homes, your families, your everyday… This community means the world to us.

xo, The Gathre Team

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