For many folks, Gathre is synonymous with leather mats. After all, it’s where everything started for us in 2015 — a functional and intentional space to gather with our people. A foundation for the rest to come.
But since then, we’ve grown our product line each year, from bibs to bags to furniture. Still, everything we make sets out to prove that beautiful things can be practical, less can be more, and a little effort to be together goes a long way. These things are most especially true when it comes to our Play Collection — because what parent hasn’t realized they’ve got too many toys taking up too much space in the house, all while collecting dust?
As moms, ourselves, we craved fewer, higher-quality items to entertain the kids. Was it also asking too much that they fit into our home’s aesthetic, too? Turns out, it wasn’t.
In 2020, we launched our flagship piece in the Play Collection: the Arc Playset. Demand was (and still is!) quite hard to keep up with — leading the product line to expand. Tunnels, Wooden Toys, Play Tents, Ball Pits… we’re thrilled to bring our community more inspiration-sparking options for the home, that still deliver on our mission of form and function.
Play is such a central part of childhood — and heck, parenthood too. Instead of buying tons of trinkets and battery-operated-everythings, we at Gathre find much more value in the durable, wipeable, versatile pieces that leave room for imagination. After all, that’s what play is all about.