What are people saying about their Gathre Yoga Mats?

What are people saying about their Gathre Yoga Mats?


As we wrap up our Kickstarter– you still have 24 hours left to make a pledge or edit a current pledge btw- we wanted to share with you some of the incredible things our customers have been sharing with us…


“I love my gathre yoga mat. It’s so different (in a good way) than anything I’ve ever used. I love how soft but not slippery the vegan leather is. And the padding is amazing!” – Tayler Golden


“We absolutely love our Gathre yoga mats! I love the thickness and colors of them, and my 7 year old is so happy to be able to practice alongside. me on his very own mat!” – Josephine of @yoga_mami



“After using the Gathre yoga mats I can never go back to any other one. They are just so lightweight and soft with the perfect amount of grip. The added bonus is just how pretty they are. Functionality and amazing design? Gathre does it again!” – Sharstin (@sharstinm)


“Gathre yoga mats are the best quality yoga mat I’ve ever tried. I take it to my barre classes, my husband uses it at home, and my daughter has to have hers out at all times. They have just the right amount of cushion, they’re easy to roll up, and, of course, can’t get any more beautiful.” – Morgan Suarez (@morganfaithsuarez)


“This is the best yoga mat! The thickness of the mat is perfect and it doesn’t slip. The color options are great and I love that it is vegan. My son is so happy he has a little mat of his own to practice with me!” – Malia Campau (@maliacampau)


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