Close up images of Gathre Wall Tidy

Let’s be honest; life is messy — especially if you have kids (or pets) at home. But rather than getting frazzled by the mess, we believe in tackling it with grace and confidence. That’s why we crafted our collection of storage and organization essentials. Each piece cleans up nice with a practical, thoughtful design and our always-wipeable Gathre leather.


And if we’ve learned anything from years and years of organizing (and re-organizing), it’s that sometimes you just need a little extra space — somewhere convenient to store and stash a few things. A couple of years ago, we found ourselves wondering…sure we make use of shelves and closets and baskets…but what about our walls?! 


Enter: the Wall Tidy. This beauty gives new meaning to tidying UP — quite literally — on the wall with plenty of pockets for all your trinkets and treasures.


So today, we wanted to take a moment to tell you more about this storage showstopper. From ways to use to how to hang, keep reading for an all-in-one guide to one of our neatest products. ;)

Creative Ways to Use Our Wall Tidy


01 Diaper Changing Station

Diapers, wipes, creams, hand sanitizer, toys…the list goes on! There’s so much you can stash in a Wall Tidy to have on hand for changing time. We keep ours right next to the table, so everything is perfectly within reach.


02 For Your Kids Room

Hang up a space for your kids to keep their books, toys, and collectibles. They’ll love curating each pocket’s treasures — and you’ll love that they’re less likely to lose those favorite things.


03 At-Home Post Office

Keep incoming and outgoing letters organized by hanging a Wall Tidy wherever you take care of your snail mail. We like stashing pens, stamps, envelopes, and envelope openers in each pocket. You can even tack on a name tag for each of your family members, so they can see when a letter’s arrived, just for them!


04 In the Schoolroom

Teachers, this one’s for you. We know your classroom is chock-full of supplies from markers and scissors to books and stickers. So use a Wall Tidy or two to make sure everything is where you need it, when you need it. There’s enough already demanding your attention and energy during the day…(Have we mentioned you all are our HEROES?!).


05 Entryway Organization

The entryway can quickly become a drop-and-go kind of space…so it’s best to have a handy home for all those out-the-door essentials to truly belong. A Wall Tidy can help keep keys, wallets, and sunglasses organized — and in line.


06 Sewing + Craft Station

Do you love to sew? Have a kid who enjoys drawing? Hobbies are a beautiful thing, but often come with a lot of supplies. So dedicate a Wall Tidy, set up right by your crafting station, to hold all the things you may need.


07 Newborn’s Nursery

Create a sweet display of books, toys, and other trinkets that bring your baby joy. A Wall Tidy can be both convenient and beautiful in a little one's nursery. Simply place it over the crib or in a corner by the rocker — wherever feels right to you.


08 Bathroom Beauty Station

Kiss endlessly digging through drawers and makeup bags goodbye! A Wall Tidy can help sort out all your bathroom essentials and give them a proper place. We love hanging them in our bathrooms and our kids’ too — so getting ready (for the day or for bed) is a breeze.


09 Mudroom Mayhem

We are BIG fans of an organized mudroom. Whether you use yours primarily for laundry or simply as a space to enter/leave the house — there’s a lot these Wall Tidys can hold, so you can enjoy a little extra peace of mind.


10 In the Garden Shed

Green thumbs, gather! Here’s a helpful place to store your garden shears, cultivators, gloves, misters, seeds, and more. With everything close at hand, you can better tend to the good that’s growing all around you.  


How to Hang Your Wall Tidy

Spoiler alert: It’s REALLY easy.


Each Wall Tidy comes with grommets, aka convenient little rings on the top left and right corners. So all you need to do is hold up the Wall Tidy where you want it (this is a good time to ask for an extra set of hands!) — then hammer a nail through each hole, or use push pins! You can even use zip ties or rope if you’re attaching it to an existing structure like a shelf or wall hook.


Say it with us now: “A place for everything and everything in its place!” We hope our Wall Tidys help bring a little more sanity to your daily life — as you sort things out and create a sense of calm.


Alright, friends —

Ready. Set. Organize!

Gathre Wall Tidy filled with items