Ah, the glory and greatness of green. We all need more greens in our lives to keep us balanced and feeling fresh, in our homes as well as in our bodies. Sprightly but tranquil; expansive yet cozy; perky and placid — nothing creates calm better than a nod to nature. 

More than any other, green is surely the color of peace. (Peace out, man.)  

Green mat in white box, white text on green background

We created our Thyme colorway to be subdued; it’s a green to ground us, to combine our inner and outer worlds, just as a quiet walk in the woods quiets our souls. The hush and stillness of the outdoors whispers contentment and insight, and we’ve never needed that more than now. 

white text on green background, red haired women holding green mat

Based on your love of Thyme, it’s clear you need its cleansing properties as much as we do. It’s timeless, lovely, and as real as it gets — like nature, like you. 

(Oh. And it's also on sale!)

baby on green mat outdoorsBrown couch with green pillow coversCookies on top of Green Table RunnerImage Credit: @zelleness, @ejkellet, @raisingthreemonsters

Travel through Thyme. We’ll guide you.