When they say “big things come in small packages,” we’re pretty sure they were talking about our Micro. This mat has all the versatility of larger ones, but in an ultra-packable and portable size. But they’re not just life-savers on the go — Micros also come in a variety of colors, prints, and even educational designs that add a whole new layer of utility. If you’re wondering how all this could possibly be true of a simple 14 x 22″ swatch of leather, pull up a seat!


Baby laying on Micro Baby Chaning Mat

Perhaps one of its most widely known uses, the Micro Mat works wonders as a changing mat. Keep it right in the nursery at home, or pack it in the diaper bag to always have on hand. Its compact size makes it immensely convenient to whip out a hygienic surface for your little one — and that peace of mind is priceless.


Kid playing with cookie dough on Gathre Mat

Think of the times you needed an easy-to-clean surface for a meal, or a resilient place to do arts and crafts. Plop a Micro down, and you’ve got a placemat or desk blotter, on the spot. Another place this function comes in handy is on an airplane tray — because nothing makes coach seats feel more elevated (and clean) like a makeshift tablecloth.


Kid playing with stuffed animals on Gathre Emotions Micro Mat

Imagine having a mat that not only serves its purpose but also helps you learn. On top of color and print options, we offer over a dozen educational designs with subjects like animals, flowers, and geography. It never hurts to have a few on hand! By incorporating Micros into daily activities like mealtime, your family can learn letters, numbers, states, baking conversions, or even emotions, together.


Now that you know the power of this compact little Mat, grab one for yourself or as a baby shower gift! You simply can’t go wrong, with so many ways to go right.