The Possibilities of the Play Tent

The Possibilities of the Play Tent

Girl standing outside of Gathre Play Tent
In what world can you go from a princess to a cashier to a bookworm — all in the same day? Few playroom staples have the power to transport kids from make-believe place to place like the Play Tent. Let’s explore the ways…
Sleepover Parties: Camping Magic Indoors
Put a twist on the traditional sleepover party by setting up the Play Tent in your living room or the little one’s bedroom. Don’t forget to round up lots of pillows, blankets, stuffed animals, and sleeping bags to stuff inside! Kids will love huddling inside, armed with flashlights, their favorite books, and tasty snacks, for a night of indoor camping.
Play House or Store: Creating Little Worlds
Let your little ones explore their imagination by turning the Play Tent into a playhouse or store, complete with miniature furniture, a kitchen, or even a toy cash register inside. Watch as their creativity takes flight, engaging in make-believe scenarios and social interactions. The Play Tent becomes a portal to different worlds, where they’ll be entertained for hours on end.
Quiet Reading Time: Cozy Nooks for Summer Reading
We’re in peak lazy days of summer, a perfect time to encourage kids’ love for reading. The Play Tent provides a tranquil space where kids can dive into their favorite books and escape into fantastical places. Snug and inviting, it becomes a cozy reading nook that beckons children to curl up with their favorite stories. Surround the tent with bookshelves or stack books inside to create their own little library escape!
Enhance the Experience: Accessories for Extra Comfort
To punch up the Play Tent’s comfort and style, pair it with the Padded Mini Circle, specially designed to fit perfectly inside, or the Padded Midi Circle, which extends outside of the tent! The two are so meant to be together that we offer them bundled with a 15% discount. There’s also Mini Floor Cushions, which can add extra comfort and seating options. All together, the tent with a few accessories elevate the entire playroom, transforming it into a comfy and joyful corner of the kids’ universe.
Girl reading book inside of Gathre Play Tent

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