Self-Sufficiency is the Best Toy

Self-Sufficiency is the Best Toy

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Kids LIVE for summer. But moms? Maybe not so much. Because when kids are bored and the humid days seem to go on forever, motherhood can seem like an endless (sweaty) quest for entertainment.

Can’t take one more whiny complaint? The key is setting the kids up for self-sufficiency. They entertain themselves; you nap/read/work/chat. It’s a winner all-around.

So, in the spirit of generosity found only between desperate (but devoted!) women, here are our top tips for using self-sufficiency for summer survival.

First, gather your supplies. You need a bin/bag/closet/drawer full of at-the-ready boredom busters. Your go-to’s may depend on your child’s interests and age, but good ideas include any combination of creativity, action, strategy, and mess — essentially, anything made more interesting by adding water, dirt, paint, scissors, cornstarch, or worms.

Next (and this is vital), fully abandon your usual standards of order and cleanliness. No, really. The truth is that for summer to be successful, something’s got to give. Your kids can have a great season and learn to make their own fun, or you can have an Instagrammable life. Choose the kids.

That’s really it — that’s the life hack: Give kids what they need to make their own fun, and find beauty and peace in the messy result. You’ll both be healthier and happier for it.

PS: Gathre Mats are essential supplies for self-sufficient mess-making.

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