Science Six Ways with Kristen Dickson

Science Six Ways with Kristen Dickson

Quick confession: I was never very good at math and science in school. I have been a lifelong reader and writer, I just never had much interest in it. Then I had kids. And now I can’t get enough of it! Addition, subtraction, biology, physicsit’s all just so fun to learn through little eyes. So when our friends at Gathre created their periodic table mat, I knew we had to do what we do bestcreate a science storytime party!


Officially I’ve been calling it a “Science Six Ways” party, because we incorporated science in six easy ways. We placed the flowers in water (H20), and filled the balloons with helium (He). Then we talked about the scientific processes behind the macarons we ate, and the soap we made as party favors, and the naturally dyed linens we wrapped them in. We also flipped a coin (a nickel) to determine which playlist we listened to! Then we wrapped it up with a storytime reading of Ada Twist, Scientist.


As always, thank you so much to our friends at Gathre for continuing to inspire us in the best, most beautiful ways. 

+Want to learn to make your own soaps? Here's what you'll need:

1. Melt and pour base

2. Soap molds

3. Microwave or stove

4. Design additives (powders, dyes, etc)

5. Essential oils (optional)


Melt the soap base in 30 second intervals. Add 1/2 tsp clay powder to 1-2 tsp coconut oil/liquid glycerine. Dissolve powder fully then mix into soap base. Add your additives directly (we used 2-4 tbsp).

Pour into your molds and let rest for 4+ hours and you're all set!

*A gentle warning to be careful of hot soap around little hands!

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