Quilted Mats 101

Quilted Mats 101

Baby laying on Quilted Mini Mat

Somewhere between our regular and padded mats — these blend extra cushion with convenience to make them just right.

Essentially, they’re the goldilocks of cushioned mats.

But we get it. With allll the options available, it can be hard to pick the one that’s best for you. So let’s dive into our best-selling Quilted Mats — why we made them, details you’ll love, and all the ways they can be used in your home (and beyond!).

Girl sitting on Quilted MIni Circle and Quilted Mini Square

So Much to Love:

Let’s start with the story behind our Padded Mats, in general.

For these, we took our tried-and-true wipeable leather mat and gave it a comfortable, cushy interior: luxe memory foam (swoon). At that point, we were mothers of four kids (each!). We knew we wanted — and needed — to create a safe space for our kids to do tummy time, roll over, and learn to walk. There’s nothing like the peace of mind that smooooth, soft landings bring.

Fast forward a couple of years — we found we still longed for another option, too. A lower-profile, easy-to-store version (still with the soft, padded interior). Enter: Quilted Mats! These give kids the best without taking over the whole room. Its mini, manageable size can be folded up to stash away — whenever you want to tidy up.

Beauties to behold, too; the subtle stitch pattern can seamlessly bring a hint of visual interest to your space. While the classic neutral hues offer a timeless, minimalist vibe. Aka: the best of both worlds. Simply choose between a square or circle shape — and comfort is all yours.

Boy playing with toys while sitting on Quilted Mini Circle

Ways to Use Them:

From tummy time to playtime, there’s not much these Quilted Mats can’t do. We love pairing them with a few other Gathre essentials: like under the Play Gym or inside the Play Tent. But, since they’re so portable, we love them most for a little extra cushion on-the-go — at the park — or even at the beach! We’ll take them on hikes for a much-needed rest (and snack) at the peak. Or to grandparents’ houses on the weekends. Wherever you go, they can go too!

Whichever mat(s) you choose, we hope they help to create meaningful space in your life — making it easier to spend time with your kids (inside or out!).

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