Playing Favorites

Playing Favorites

You, our customers. You are quite literally who make our world go round. When we first started Gathre, we couldn’t predict the outpouring of support, love and continued loyalty from all of you who have allowed us into your home over the years. Who are on this wild and crazy journey of life alongside us. Who choose to live with a little more intention, making space for the worthwhile along the way, and letting our products help you to do just that.


We are your biggest fans. And we wouldn’t exist without you. That’s why we’re taking not just a moment, but an entire week, to show our appreciation and give back to all of you who have given us the chance to continue doing what we love so much. Because we believe in letting those in our lives who matter most know just how much they do.


Thank you for betting on us, and continuing to believe in what we stand for.

You’re our favorites. From all of us at Gathre.

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