Pinboard 101: Ways to Use + How to Hang

Pinboard 101: Ways to Use + How to Hang

Desk and chair with Pinboard in Millet

We believe bare walls are brimming with possibility. And when we take the time to fill them, thoughtfully, with items that are meaningful to us, we can transform a blank space into something special. A place that holds stories, purpose, creativity, and so much more.

Cue: our Pinboard. It’s a really simple way to make the most of the space between — pinning up reminders, inspiration, to-dos…all in plain sight! Now, trust us, this isn’t your crafty Grandma’s pinboard. Our Gathre version takes a classic and modernizes it beautifully with 100% vegan leather, sleek design, and stylish hues.

That brings us to this post. See, while dreaming up this Pinboard, our team spent days brainstorming quite a few creative ways to use it… So today, we thought we’d take a moment to share those ideas with you! Below you’ll find ample inspiration to feature this wall decor piece in your home — as well as pointers to hang yours, in mere minutes. Ready? Let’s hang…

Pinboard in Ivory with papers and objects pinned to Pinboard

Creative Ways to Use Our Pinboard  

01 Hanging Keepsakes + Photos:

Consider this a reminder to print your photos, friends! And then, with meaningful moments and memories in hand — you’ll want to display them, of course. We love the idea of using a Pinboard to be reminded of what really matters: your friends, family, and people you love! Make it even more personal to you by including little mementos and keepsakes, too. Think: a concert ticket, postcard, mini bouquet of flowers, etc… Let your creativity, and stories, shine!


02 Vision Board + Mood Board:

The sky’s the limit when we take a moment to dream of what could be… So go ahead, spend an afternoon working on a vision or mood board. Maybe it’s for a work project you have going on. Maybe it’s for the year in general, or upcoming season of life! Find photos, words, colors, and visuals that will keep you inspired for the days to come. Psst… This is a great Pinboard idea for your home office (or IRL office!). Or if you have a kid off to college soon (how are they getting so old?!), you can create a board dedicated to the school they’re hoping to get into!


03 Calendar + Organization:

Maybe this idea is what first comes to mind when you think of a traditional Pinboard, and there’s good reason why! They really are ideal for pinning up reminders of upcoming appointments, meetings, dinners, trips, and the like. To make the most of one board, we suggest blending alllll the organizational essentials together like a to-do list, weekly calendar, etc. Plus, our design makes that a breeze with its larger frame.


04 Kid’s Art Gallery:

Here’s an imaginative way to celebrate your little Picasso… Display your kid’s art on a Pinboard dedicated to them! With their creations on display, they can feel proud of them and seen by you (isn’t that the best?!). Make a day of it, creating new pieces to hang up together — just like they are their very own museum curator!


05 Snail Mail Station:

Most of us would likely agree that snail mail is a wonderful thing. It’s such a fun surprise to receive Christmas cards, birthday wishes, and thinking-of-yous in our mailboxes. But then, why are we so quick to toss them away? (Don’t worry we’re guilty, too… The fridge gets full, fast!). That’s why we adore the idea of dedicating a space to hold on to these thoughtful notes from loved ones — and display them for a frequent reminder of just how good our community is.


06 Countdown Spotlight:

Have a big trip or birthday or event coming up? There’s often so much to look forward to on the horizon, but we can get lost in the everyday… That’s where this idea comes in. Think of your Pinboard as a countdown calendar, and put up something new each day. A photo, a number, a “I can’t wait because…” note. If you ask us, this is a really fun activity to do with kids. And by the time of the holiday or event, you’ll have a beautiful board of excitement to admire.


07 Meal Prep + Menu:

Yes, chef! Make this Pinboard your very own place to plan meals, print out recipes, and post up grocery lists. You could even display a “menu of the week” for the whole family to enjoy (and, simutaneously decrease those “Mom, what’s for dinner?”s). Sometimes a little forethought and a bit of planning is all it takes to help us truly savor time in the kitchen — appreciating the chance to gather around a thoughtful meal together.


08 Wedding Planning:

Brides-to-be (or moms of Brides-to-be), this one’s for you! Wedding planning can be, well, a lot. But, it’s also a lot of fun! So this can be your place to dream, ideate, and stay organized. Dedicate a section to color scheme, another to dress goals — and leave room for photos and memories made along the way. After the wedding, you can keep all these mementos in a box to look back on such a big life event in a creative way.

Girl hanging pinboard on the wall

How to Hang Your Pinboard

Grab your hammers! You’re going to nail this. (Sorry, we had to.)

Like much of our other wall decor, the Pinboard is oh-so-easy to hang! It’s set up like a picture frame or mirror, with metal hangers on the backside. So just find a spot on your wall, measure out the spacing for a few nails, and set the Pinboard over them (snuggling it right into place).

The best part? We put these hangers on all four sides, so you can decide which way you want to orient yours.

Millet Pinboard, Ivory Pinboard, Camel Pinboard

We hope this guide to our newest wall decor has been helpful — and inspired you to see a few open spots in your home with fresh eyes. We can’t wait to see how you create a unique and personalized space that holds so much meaning in such a simple way.

Next up! Bring home a Pinboard of your own, and say so long, to boring, bare walls!

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