Kid standing on Gathre playmat

As parents, we’re constantly looking for ways to encourage our kids’ imaginations — and even better, keep them engaged in independent play. Gathre Play Mats, depicting whimsical towns and roadways from a bird’s eye view, are designed to bring adventure right to you. Let's explore each size and the perks that come with them!

Kid playing with Gathre Playmat
Micro in Block: Immediate entertainment at their fingertips
The Micro in Block is the smallest option Gathre Playmat available, offering immediate entertainment for your littlest one, wherever you find yourselves posting up for the moment. This compact mat is ideal for use at the table or even on an airplane tray table during long flights. We love that it fits right in your purse or diaper bag!
Boy driving cars on Gathre Playmat
Mini+ Boulevard: On-the-go play space
If your family is often on the move, the Mini+ Boulevard Playmat is one to have on hand. It’s easily folded to take with you wherever you go, striking a balance between portability and ample space for play. Bring this Mini+ size to playdates, on trips to the park, or along for family vacations — it’s small enough to fit in a backpack, and can spread out without overwhelming the room it’s in.
Two kids playing with cars on Gathre Playmat
Midi Circle Commons: Gather 'round with extra room
For kids with a little more room for their toys’ adventures, the Midi Circle Commons is a fitting choice. Unlike our other rectangular sizes, this one’s set apart by a circular shape and points of interest like a town lake, construction site, and golf course. It’s got enough space for a few extra hands to join in and explore the winding roads, encouraging both imagination and collaboration.
Girl playing on Gathre Playmat
Midi+ Uptown: Share the most immersive experience
The largest of our Play Mat options, the Midi+ Uptown accommodates the most friends for hours of immersive play together. With plenty of space to sprawl out and unleash their creativity, your little one and their friends can create an entire bustling town for toy cars, Legos, dolls, and action figures — all in a day’s work.
It’s worth noting that with each Playmat option, you’ll find special sites, stops, and vehicles around the town — from fire trucks to tractors, grocery stores to ski resorts. All that’s left to do is choose your size, spread it out, and sit back to watch the adventures unfold.