Rules. They can be oh-so necessary in the home. But just maybe there’s a time and place where it’s more helpful to relinquish the reins. Throw excessive caution to the wind. Let kids be kids. Because this is home, and they should feel at home in it.

That’s the space we aim to create: home. From tumbling mats to playsets, we encourage making room for the messy, with products that prioritize simplicity, practicality, and (of course) fun. Wipeable, portable, and sturdy, so you can worry just a little less — and even create moments of respite while the kiddos entertain themselves! Ah, a luxury.

With these top Gathre play essentials, we hope to get you one step closer to that space — spills, smiles, and all.

01 Arc Playset

A mom-favorite, the Arc Playset is as beautiful as it is functional. It welcomes climbing, jumping, sliding, and imaginary play, fostering physical balance and independence in a whole new way. Through the roughhousing and messy snack times, the Arc Playset is resilient, thanks to wipeable vegan leather and a sturdy foam structure. And when playtime is done for the day, just stack it up, leave it out, or slide it against the wall — no hiding necessary.

02 Block Playset

The sister product to our Arc Playset, the Block Playset boasts the same opportunities for imagination and physical activity. That’s right, it’s ideal for letting the little ones romp around and wear themselves out for nap time (yourself included). This playset includes four unique pieces to build and rearrange: the steps, cube, cylinder, and triangle. Every day is different with the kids, and this set was made to keep up.

03 Tumbling Mat

Soft feel and sturdy construction come together in the Tumbling Mat. It’s the perfect horseplay companion. Put it by a playset to soften jump landings, or roll it out when the littles pull you down to the floor to join their party. It’s designed extra thick to go easy on knees and elbows — theirs and yours.


04 Playmats

Our Playmats give a whole new meaning to being on top of the world. Coming in a handful of different designs, from our bestselling world map to a town with buildings and roadways, the Playmat keeps kiddos engaged, and can educate them all the same. Hang it as a tapestry, use it as a waterproof picnic blanket, or just keep it out on the floor at home.

05 Wooden Landmarks

What goes well with any of our map mats? Wooden Landmarks, set right on top. Made of premium maple, these wonder toys foster curiosity and travel bugs in forming little minds. Each set brings together monuments and popular attractions from around the world, right to your living room. Where might you travel with your tiny tour guide next week?

06 Wooden Toys

Handmade with premium maple and walnut, Wooden Toys are meant to last in their timeless design and quality construction. The set includes a plane, boat, car, and bus, all ready to roll around wherever your children go — and most especially, on playmats! Keep in mind that though they’re simple in construction, they do still have small parts that aren’t recommended for those under age three.

07 Padded Mats

The Padded Mat brings comfort to tummy time, rolling, crawling, amateur walkers, and even diaper changes. That’s because it’s cushy memory foam covered in our smooth, wipeable faux leather, for all sorts of messes. It takes a beating like a champ, and is there to catch your toddler when they topple. Traveling with an infant? Pack up the Padded Mat to take with you to form a familiar home base, no matter where you roam.


08 Tunnel

It’s a secret hideaway, a magical gateway, a spaceship cabin, stuffed animal fortress, or obstacle course. The Tunnel, in all its simplicity, can play a different role for each day of the week. What moms just might love even more? It collapses right up into a securely tied little ring, easy to stow away or bring to a playdate. Get ready for the ultimate game of peek-a-boo!

09 Wooden Letters

The alphabet — our ultimate learning toolkit. So prolific, it has its own song. And, of course, its own Wooden Letters toy set to boot! For the whole experience, bundle it with our Alphabet Mat to really reinforce learning the letters’ order and shapes. Sing along together, match up the letters, and benefit from this educational set.

10 Wooden Numbers

Aside from maybe the ABCs, there’s nothing more classic than the 123s. Wooden Numbers are a perfect place to start them counting, especially when paired with our Numbers Mat. Use these magnetic numbers alongside objects they can count from right out of the fridge: fruit snacks, veggies, crackers — and keep them learning in creative ways right from within the kitchen. (Bonus when they can be rewarded with a little bite, right?)

While that makes all 10 picks for this time, our list goes on and continues to grow. Simplicity and functionality define the toys and pieces we create, as we draw inspiration from our own experiences of motherhood. So next time you put these to use in your everyday, we hope it gives you that same satisfaction.

Speaking of playtime, can we tag along, too? Share how your family does it with @gathre on Instagram. We can always use a happy little brain break.