Our Story Begins With You

Our Story Begins With You

Gathre Mat stack in hands

Hey there, friends!

Our minds can hardly comprehend that there are over two hundred thousand customers who’ve joined the Gathre family over the last five years, but our hearts feel like that number is about right, considering the overwhelming gratitude we feel.

We never dreamed there would be this many of you who believe in us. You are intentional, striving, and inspire us on the daily. We learn from you, are bettered by you, and have been changed by your support.

We promise to keep giving it our all in creating beautiful products and spreading more light in this world. From each of us here at Gathre, we thank you for standing by our brand. You make all this possible, by making space for the worthwhile.

With so much love,
Jess + Mare

What do we mean when we say our story begins with you? We mean that everything we do is inspired by the way you use our products — in real life, in real time. You’ve used our Mats as impromptu shelter during unexpected rainstorms, to change a tire on the side of the road, for Slip ‘n’ Slides and Disney parades. You’ve used our products for potty training, homeschooling, and family photos. We’ve been there with you through sickness and health. We’ve made your dream homes dreamier, and your newlywed apartments much more like a family home.

We do what we do because your real life requires practicality, and creating beauty in reality is the only way to live.

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