New Parent Essentials

New Parent Essentials

Being a new parent feels daunting (and not with just the first baby, either!). We know. We’ve been there. In fact, with 11 babies born to Gathre HQ employees in the last year alone, we’re still right there with you, and expect to be for some time.

We know which “priorities” become laughable once that bundle of joy becomes the boss of everything. We also know which priorities are attainable and contribute to the emotional wellbeing of parents — and nobody needs the magic combo of capacity and sanity as much as new parents.

Just like you, we’re on active duty and learning in real time, so in the spirit of sharing, we’ve compiled an expert insider list of Gathre’s essential items for taking care of new baby business while keeping parents feeling like themselves.

Makenzie says: “Storage bins! I’ve got one in every room to corral all the displaced toys.”

Caroline says: “Micro/Micro+ all the livelong day. Every bag, every car, every room… we love it.”

Eliesa says: “A Pouf! Being able to put my feet up while nursing in the rocking chair or on the sofa is SO nice, and makes it so much more comfortable.”

Murphy says: “I love my Padded Micro+. Tummy time to rolling to crawling to first steps. Still using it.”

Courtney says: “The Padded Midi Circle is perfect for any child or activity that’s floor-based, and it’s big enough to lay down with baby, too. Oh, and Bibs. So many Bibs!”

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