Must-haves for new moms

Becoming a new mom is quite an adventure. At once beautiful and crazy; exciting and stressful… You may feel overly prepared — or find yourself last-minute ordering (yet another) mom book off Amazon. But…deep breaths, mama. You’ve got this!

We know advice might be coming in from all directions. (And no, you don’t really need that zillionth onesie.) Or maybe you are wondering what people AREN’T telling you that you really do need. Really, it’s all about trusting your instincts and bringing home the products that suit your lifestyle — and will make the days to come a little easier, a little more joyful.

So, though not an exhaustive list by any means — we wanted to share our list of game-changing Gathre goods, as well as favorites from a few other brands. Plus, we got some words of wisdom from our team members who are moms themselves!

Registries at the ready… ;)



Most used for: a changing mat

These mats are made with our always-wipeable, easy-to-clean leather for a convenient and beautiful place to change diapers. These two sizes make it simple to transition as your little one grows. Plus, they can easily fit in your bag for ultimate portability. Now, it wouldn’t be a Gathre good if it didn’t serve more than one purpose… So you can also use these as a placemat during mealtime!

Psst… if you’re looking for something with a little extra comfort, we’ve got a padded version too!


Most used for: high chair mat

Speaking of mealtime… Cleanup has never been easier (or looked prettier)! Simply place one of these mats under their high chair to catch inevitable crumbs. You’ll love how wipeable and water-resistant these mats are, so you can get back to what really matters: time with your kids.


Most used for: tummy time

Oh-so cushy memory foam covered in lovely leather… It’s easy to see why padded mats are 100% a fan favorite around here. They’re ideal for infant tummy time or even as a portable playmat. We keep two or three (or four) around at all times.


Most used for: nursery storage

Books, toys, clothes, oh my! They may be little, but little ones sure do need a lot of things (we know, it surprised us, too!). So we made these leather storage bins for a pretty place to store all their stuff. With three sizes to choose from and sturdy construction, you’ll feel a bit more calm and collected… one bin at a time.


Most used for: diaper storage

Pretty and portable… With a sturdy, structured handle, our caddy is so easy to take wherever you need it to go — from the bathroom to the playroom and all around the house. We love these most for diapers, but we’re finding there’s not much these leather-bound beauties can’t stash, organize, and hold.



Our favorite for: cribs + furniture

Oeuf is a family-run company making sustainable furniture and more — with a focus on modern design. Their cribs are beautiful, safe, and sturdy… so you and your little ones can rest easy.



Our favorite for: baby carriers

Sakura Bloom crafts baby carriers in small batches to keep waste to a minimum and attention to detail high. And it shows. Plus, they’re incredibly supportive and easy to wear!



Our favorite for: baby bedding + clothes

Pehr makes adorable clothing and super soft bedding — believing quality and design ought to have equal importance (hear! hear!). Plus, they’re a female-founded, female-led company supporting women artisans worldwide. (swoon)



Our favorite for: unique toys

These imaginative toys are made by hand in small batches — using only solid, locally-grown wood. Like mini pieces of art, each toy is as fun as it is beautiful, helping to develop your own kid’s creativity, too.



“Collect all the advice, but at the end of the day — trust your mom gut and go with what feels right for you.”

“Every baby and every mom is unique — from birth to newborn to toddler and beyond. Don't compare yourself to others; this is your own unique journey.”

“Newborn babies cry… a lot. Try to be compassionate and put yourself in their shoes — how would you feel in this brand new, foreign world, after spending months in a cozy cocoon? The crying can still be hard, but sometimes understanding the why can make it easier. They're just learning this new world.”

“For the ‘4th trimester’ (or first 3 months), baby is still adjusting to being out of the womb — so mimicking the feeling of being in the womb can help them adjust and calm them. 1. Swaddle, 2. Shush (or white noise), 3. Side (holding/rocking them on their side), 4. Suck (pacifier), 5. Swinging (mimicking the movement of you walking/moving)”


When you become a mom — sure there will be days running around town, doing (what seems to be) the 1000th load of laundry, and wearing a lot of hats… But, above all, there is so much JOY to experience and embrace along the way.

So we actually teamed up with the brands featured above — to celebrate those of you who are embarking on this ever-challenging yet ever-rewarding journey...

Our New Moms Giveaway is live (5/10-5/17): enter to win prizes from Gathre, Oeuf, Sakura Bloom, Pehr, and Raduga Grez! Learn more here.