Mother's Day Gift Guides

Mother's Day Gift Guides

Our team rounded up a few gift guides by moms for moms of what we want (hint hint SO), what we're gifting, what we've loved. Trying to not want it all, but not succeeding very well.


Gathre Micro Mat

She's totally absorbed with all things motherhood. She's on the hunt for strollers, car seats, baby clothes, and nursery decor. She is constantly researching all of the best baby products and spends a lot of her free time scrolling through Pinterest or reading blogs. She also relies on friends for recommendations and never tires of 'baby-prep' talk.

+ What we're getting outside of Gathre:

Everlane Sweat Suits, Honest Cotton Robe, Necessaire Body Wash, Slippers, Hatch Sound Machine, Made By Mary Necklace.



Gathre Poster

She has embraced her role as a mother, she accepts that her home will rarely be as clean as it once was but she is OK with her new normal because her focus is the happiness and development of her children. While she embraces the mess she is often looking for ways to better organize it. With multiple children under her care she spends a lot of time searching for new ways to involve each family member. This often comes in the form of fun and easy DIY projects, baking cookies, and park hopping.


+ What we're getting outside of Gathre:

bkr bottles, ilia skin tint, apl tennis shoes, summer fridays body lotion, sezane tote bag, billie dry shampoo



Gathre Pouf

She's made it out of the baby and toddler phase and is beginning to find more time for herself and her new passions. She now has the time and money that she may not have had earlier in life to decorate her home the way she's always wanted it. She loves a clean space that is modern and cute. She's stylish and stays up-to-date on the current trends, from her wardrobe to her kitchen her life seems put together. She enjoys grabbing lunch with friends and going to her kids sporting events.

+ What we're getting outside of Gathre:

Bala Bangles, Small Tote Bag, Mejuri Croissant Ring, Throw Blankets, Face Tan, Stanley Tumbler

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