Mother's Day DIY

Mother's Day DIY

Black Sweatshirt with "MAMA" embroidered


DIY Directions:

Supplies (we got ours at JoAnn):

  • sweatshirt of your choice (ours is old navy - v cute)
  • embroidery floss
  • embroidery hoop
  • scissors
  • tape
  • needle

Step 1
Prep your sweatshirt by taping your word on where you want it placed. Make sure it's straight.

Step 2
Place the smaller embroidery hoop beneath the fabric and the larger hoop on top, as you make the fabric taut. Tighten the top hoop.

Step 3
Mark off with tape where you want the embroidery to go, so you can make sure it's straight and you don't get crazy with the width!

Step 4
Double knot your thread and start from behind, and sew one stitch.

Step 5
When a thread is in the back, poke the needle one stitch forward from where your last stick is (see photo), then fill in the gap backwards and thread a stitch right above the last one you did. Repeat until you finish your word.

Step 6
Find a stitch on the back and, creating a knot with your current line of thread, finish it off!

Step 7
WEAR IT WITH CONFIDENCE (and maybe a little spit-up). Haha.

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