Mealtime + Motherhood with Dini of Prep and Rally

Mealtime + Motherhood with Dini of Prep and Rally

Dini is a mom of three and the founder of Prep and Rally, a family meal prepping subscription service. Save time, money, and sanity by following along a simple meal prep on Sunday, and then rallying through the week with four easy to assemble dinners. Her first cookbook is due to release Fall ‘22! Use code Visit and use code GATHRE for 50% off an annual membership - the largest promo of the year!

I’ve been in the food industry even before my kids were born, so it definitely is one of my first loves (sorry Mike.) My journey ranged from private cheffing, to video and hosting content, meal prep subscriptions and the prep and rally service, and now on to my first cookbook coming out Fall ‘22! 

My passion for food is two-fold. When creating something new, the full freedom and creativity that I feel kicks into high gear and is almost bigger than an adrenaline rush. I don’t love spending too much time in the kitchen, rather I am challenged and excited by the creativity of getting it all done efficiently and deliciously. The most rewarding part of cooking is having a fridge full of prepped food to sustain my family throughout the week making my week less stressful.

Sharing with my wide virtual community brings me such joy. Just one recipe brings thousands of people together and helps mamas have an easier week. Can you imagine coming home from carpool to a prepped dinner ready to serve?

The best part about my service is the constant variety of food that my kids are being exposed to on a daily basis. They don’t get stuck on eating the typical pizza on Mondays and nuggets on Thursdays because it’s always something new. They are therefore more open to trying new things because that’s just the norm!


My biggest passions, food and motherhood, are brought together at mealtimes. It's important for kids to have hearty, balanced meals, but equally as important for them to love what they're eating and to try new things. Every single one of my meal plans are tested by my kids. Even my one year old, Solomon, is on the board of recipe testers and LOVES food!

My service was designed for the whole family. One meal for everyone with small modifications to please all. I believe so strongly in getting your kids involved in the process whether that means the shopping, prep, setting the table, or assembling their own meal. We even have cute little Prep and Rally themed coloring pages on the website designed special for the kiddos!

I’ve learned with time that the key to getting kids to eat certain foods is how you give it to them. I focus on plating and serving not just kid friendly but kid appetizing. Sticking healthy proteins into buns or tortillas, pairing them on top of noodles with a delicious sauce, making them into fun shapes or bite sized, sprinkling cheese to melt on top of veggies… etc. All these things look appetizing to kids, and make them want to try the foods. Each of my meal plans have tips for making the menu even more kid friendly and my cookbook will have the same.

Another thing I like to do to keep mealtime harmony, is let my kids feed themselves. Explore their own plate and eat at their pace. I love Gathre’s new placemats as they are kid friendly but don’t look like your typical kiddie placemats. I’m all about keeping a modern  aesthetic in the home while making it kid-proof and safe. These mats are so easy to wipe clean and are nice enough to be used for festive holiday dinners in addition to simple weeknight meals. 

As most mamas, my life revolves around stocking the fridge and feeding my family but it's a blessing and something I am beyond thankful for this Mother’s Day, and every day. 


More About Dini: I’m Dini Klein. I’m a food host, founder of the Prep + Rally ™ family meal prep subscription service, recipe developer, former private chef, creative junkie, wife, and mama to Andi, Jolie, and Solomon.

Creating food content is my passion and I’ve been fortunate to work with brands such as Walmart, Starbucks, Campbell's, Weight Watchers, Popsugar, Barilla, and more. I’m a Tastemaker on Tastemade where I develop food videos, and recipes for their social channels, and have my videos featured on Roku, Amazon, and Apple TV. My recipes have been published in cookbooks such as Starbucks Coffee, Dawn to Dusk, and Pediatrician's Guide to Feeding Babies and Toddlers. I am currently writing my own cookbook due out Fall 2022! Some of my live TV experience has been on KTLA , The Hallmark Channel , KSDK, and The CW.

Prep + Rally™ is my solution to getting a wholesome dinner on the table on those busy weeknights when juggling mommy-ing and work life feels almost impossible. I'm all about efficiency and creativity in the kitchen so that you can enjoy a killer meal with little stress, less money spent, and more time to spare! I love teaching all my tricks and helping people enjoy their time in the kitchen! Head to to learn more!

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