Baby on Gathre Micro Mat
As a brand committed to creating high-quality, stylish, and functional products for families, we believe that our Mats are an essential tool for every parent. From infancy to childhood, they can be used for all sorts of daily doings, making them a worthy investment. Here’s how you can use Mats at different stages of your little’s life:
Infancy: During the early months, our Mats provide a versatile surface for new parents to have always at the ready. Our Padded and Quilted Mats provide a comfortable and hygienic space for your little one to play, roll, and explore during tummy time, while Micros can be used as a portable diaper changing station. Plus, they're all easy to clean, so you don't have to worry about messes and accidents.
Toddlerhood: As your baby becomes a toddler, our Mats become more useful, too! Use them under the highchair to catch spills and crumbs, or as a protective layer under the car seat. You can even lay our smallest Mats over the airplane tray so you’ve got one less worry on a flight.
Preschool: During the preschool years, your little one may love spending even more time outdoors or enjoying independent playtime. Take larger Mats to the park for some time sprawling in the sunshine, or lay it out on the sand like a beach towel. We also have Educational Mat options, like the World Map or Animal Alphabet, that double as learning tools for this age!  
Kids: As your kiddo continues to grow, they’ll also grow into new uses for Mats. Thanks to the leather’s easy-to-clean convenience, Mats can make great placemats or tablecloths for meals and crafting activities. When school rolls around, they can be used as a desk pad or study surface, protecting furniture from scratches and spills, and creating a comfortable workspace for your child to do homework (any encouragement helps, right?).
At Gathre, we believe that our Mats are more than just a product – they're a tool for parents to navigate the ups and downs of family life, while being a more sophisticated reflection of your style. Whether you’re changing diapers or hosting a family meal, they’re there to make life easier and add an elevated aesthetic. So get yourself a Mat or two — for the home and on the go — and you’ll soon wonder how you ever carried out your family's busy routine without one!