Motherhood is a  neverending exercise in  making space. Starting with pregnancy itself, the up-ending of the footloose and fancy-free days, and moving toward a midnight bedshare with sweaty-headed littles (seriously, why do they sweat in their sleep?) and their lovies. Space in your day for impromptu chats about dump trucks or birds and bees. Space in your calendar for pediatrician appointments and soccer games. Space in your budget for sleep-away camp. Squeezing one more friend in the backseat; science projects that take over the dining room; stocking junk food so your house will be the cool hangout. And we haven’t even mentioned the magical manifestation of your expansive heart for these sweaty, messy, beautiful marvels. 
Woman feeding child at breakfast table with tablecloth

Motherhood is alllll about making space, and all that space — all of it — is worthwhile. 

From Day One at Gathre, we’ve been focused on making space for the worthwhile. Our product line has expanded, just like our hearts, but the idea of intentionally making space for goodness has stuck with us. You’re still at it, and so are we. 

Here’s what we’ve been making space for lately: 

Child sitting on white pouf reading a book


Our new Poufs make space for putting your feet up, pulling up an extra seat, Friday night pizza around the coffee table. 

White Storage Bin with wooden toys spilling out


Bins make space for organizing, decluttering, and beautifying. You can have 10,000 Legos AND a pretty home.

Little girl playing on alphabet mat with wooden letters@imdeztinee

Wooden Letters make space for learning language, playing matching games, and charmingly misspelled love notes. 

Leather vases on table with water glass@carolinaandes

Our new Vases make space for bouquets of weeds presented with love from a proud preschooler, or the supermarket greenery you buy for yourself. 

Make Space for what’s real. Make Space for what matters. Make Space for the worthwhile.