Make Space for the Worthwhile

Make Space for the Worthwhile

If you’ve been here long, you know we’re serious about the concept of Make Space for the Worthwhile. We hope you’re interpreting that in ways that are meaningful to your own circumstances, but we also want to get specific in talking about what this idea means to us here at Gathre. Behind this curtain is nothing but real people living real life. 

Make Space for the Worthwhile is an ethos that’s central to who we are and everything we do. It requires two levels of intention: identifying what we believe to be worthwhile, and purposely making space for it in our lives and in our communities. It’s not a catchy tagline; it’s a values-based way of living. We mean what we say, and we live what we believe. 

We believe there is holiness in home and family, whatever that looks like. 
We believe that all families, all individuals are precious. 
We believe in treating others the way we want to be treated. 
We believe that quality time together is life’s most valuable good.

Our products aim to elevate these beliefs into one whole, and to assist you in doing the same. We provide you with literal spaces to play, make messes, rest, come together — spaces to relate to one another with charity and inclusion. Spaces to love and be loved. Spaces to honor the worthy realness of yourself and others. 

Real life, real love is worthwhile. Make space for it, because it’s all that’s important in life.

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