Glamping with Gathre

Glamping with Gathre


Camping. The word alone can inspire nervous laughter and visions of predatory raccoons. Luckily, there’s this marvelous little thing called glamping. It’s the perfect bridge between sheesh and chichi ― it’s camping for the indoorsy.

Glamping doesn’t need to be pretentious, but it does need to be plush. Pleasant is never too much to ask for, especially when sleeping outside. Elegant, portable, comfortable, wipeable. Turns out, Gathre products are perfect for a weekend in the wild.

We’ve got the goods to turn your Labor Day excursion into something beautiful.

  1. Mats of all sizes are incredibly useful. Place one just outside the tent for shoes. Use another for al fresco eating. Another for the baby to crawl on without getting dirty.
  2. Padded Mats make excellent beds for either children or adults.
  3. (Ditto Tumbling Mats.)
  4. Tablecloths. Because public picnic tables are the antithesis of pretty or clean.
  5. Home Mats are great for trailers and campers. So much easier to clean than typical runners. And bonus! They’re extra-glam for yoga in the early morning sunrise.
  6. Mini Floor Cushions and Pillows bring that extra cozy, extra chic, extra Insta touch of class.

Now that the glampsite is sorted, treats are a must. But basic s’mores won’t do for glamping ― they need to be spiffy s’mores, of course. These beauts come courtesy of our friend Jess Kettle:

  1. Butter waffles / marshmallow / fresh strawberries / dark chocolate
  2. Apple slices (rounds) / marshmallow / dark chocolate / caramel sauce
  3. Butter waffles / marshmallow / banana slices / caramel sauce
  4. Butter waffles / marshmallow / strawberries / cookie butter / Fruity Pebbles

Practical enough for the campers; pretty enough for the glampers. That’s Glamping with Gathre.

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