Play is important — plain and simple. After all, being a kid naturally means craving fun at any, and all, times of the day. And as parents, we hope to play a part in fostering an environment that lets our littles be their wild, wiggly selves.

Now to translate that into our practical, day-to-day lives… There’s nothing better than finding something that we can intentionally place in our homes that encourages play, inspires their imaginations, and, frankly, gets some energy out. Enter our playsets. These best-selling pieces are some of the best ways we’ve found to bring the fun.

Now, our Arc and Block Playsets definitely have some similarities — but they have their differences, too! So if you’re debating which one to add to your home, here’s a guide to help you choose. (You can always come back for the other!)


Let’s begin with what they have in common.

Both playsets are made with our 100% vegan leather — which is wipeable, water-resistant, and free of any toxins. Aka, any parent’s dream come true! Inside, there is a cushy, solid foam. This makes them at once soft and sturdy. You can rest easy knowing these are constructed to last. Our favorite part? You can leave either out in the playroom as they are oh-so-lovely to look at! While exact colorways may slightly differ (especially given any out-of-stock situations), both have hue options that are subtle, elevated, and beautiful.

Now, let’s take a closer look at each one — so you can find which one is best for you, and the season of life you’re in!


The Arc is our OG (our first-ever playset!) — with three curved pieces for little ones to seesaw, swing, and slide on. This playset is intended for children 3 and up, and we’d recommend that only 1 or 2 kids play with it at a time. Compared to the Block, its design is a little more sleek, artistic, and compact. If you have a little less space to work with, you’ll LOVE how the three pieces fit together perfectly. Assembled, the dimensions are 42in x 16in x 21in, so it's super easy to tuck away in a corner when not in use.


The Block is more of a new kid on the block (we had to). This playset features four shapes for kids to stack, climb, and build — however they’d like. This option includes more pieces, so it offers more ways to play and works better for a larger group of kids. Again, the intended use is for children 3 and up, but we have found the Block to be a favorite among older kids (while Arc is a hit with the littles!). Assembled the dimensions here are 70.5in x 16in x 23.5in.

Imaginative. Beautiful. Able to inspire hours (and hours) of fun. It’s easy to love these playsets, and we hope learning a little more about them has helped guide you toward the one that’s right for your family!  

Sold on both? You’re not alone. We’ve found our community loves to pair these two — to create the ULTIMATE playroom…where your kids can truly build a world all their own. That’s why we’ve bundled them together here. Did we mention you’ll save 15% when you buy them together? (Cue the happy dance!)

P.S. There’s more fun where these came from… Explore our full play collection and make your home the place to be.