Genius Problem-Solvers

Genius Problem-Solvers


We know you know the obvious ways to use your Gathre products. But we’ve found genuine feelings of mastering life when we discover uses for our products that aren’t quite as self-evident. It’s like we’ve uncovered the secrets of the universe, but on a microscopic, deeply personal level. We’re certain in those moments that our creative genius is in full Go mode.

The thing that’s so great about our products’ versatility is that we become free to problem-solve in real time, grabbing whatever we’ve got on hand to address the current situation. And some of these solutions are just so good, we kinda can’t believe our marketing copy didn’t lead with them.

  • Use a Drawstring Pouch in your bicycle basket to protect your phone from all the unavoidable manholes and jaw-breaking bumps in the bike lane.
  • A Table Runner under the carseat protects your car’s upholstery from crumbs as well as those unsightly permanent dents, and it keeps little kicking feet from making a mess on the back of the seat.
  • The Padded Midi+ Mat makes movies in the canyon or by the lake easy and fun. Lay down your car’s back seats, unroll the Mat, pull out your laptop, and enjoy. Add some Pillows for extra comfort.
outdoor movie


  • Speaking of outdoor movies, use an Ivory Maxi Mat as a screen for your projector in the backyard. Perfect party for any age and in almost any weather.
  • Potty training. Oh, potty training. Rinse that Mini Mat off and slide it back under the potty chair. Add a (wipeable!) Mini Floor Cushion for all the long hours you’ll be sitting on the tile floor, begging for something to happen.
  • Lay a Micro Mat beside the kitchen sink when you rinse produce. Those raspberry containers drip so much, but a Micro takes it all and doesn’t soak through.
  • Dig a hole in the sand and insert a Mat, water, and a toddler or two. Kiddie pool, solved! (Be sure to fill in the hole before you leave the beach.)
kiddie pool


  • Line your carseats with a Mat when riding with Fido and keep the pet hair at bay.
  • Large Bins in the trunk of your car keep your grocery bags upright on the way home from the supermarket.
  • Our Vases hold large kitchen utensils on the counter and keep everything looking Insta-ready.
mini under highchair


  • Baby’s first haircut is made a lot easier by placing a Mat on the floor under the highchair. No sweeping necessary!
genius hacks
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