What inspired the Feel Flow mat design? Would you say it’s a sister design to Creamsicle and Cisco?

I wanted the design of the Feel Flow mat to feel grounding and get you excited to use your mat. I would definitely say its sister to the Creamsicle and Cisco designs! They are all intended to feel playful and organic. 

Do you have other artistic mediums that we don’t know about?

I consider cooking an artistic medium -- its something I am endlessly fascinated and inspired by! I also used to work (very minimally) with clay, and dabbled in photography growing up. 

If you couldn’t be an artist, what would your alternative dream career be? 

I’m really not sure! Is there a job title with descriptions that encompasses travel x wine x making art x gardening x AND cooking? If so -- that, I choose that alternative career.

You named the home mat yourself- what inspired those words? 

‘Feel Flow’ is actually named after a Beach Boys song that I love. But the name works separate from the song as well. I wanted to name it something that related to its intended purpose. To me, the name ‘Feel Flow’ sounds like the motions of yoga. 

How do you get into your own personal flow? Any advice on blocking out distractions when you’re trying to get your creativity on? 

Listening to a good album, cleaning my house, making a really delicious wine-fueled meal with my partner, Buckley, and cuddling with my dog, Banjo. These are all things I need in order to get back into my flow and feel grounded. 

When I need to tune out distractions and dive into work I turn off my phone and turn up my music. I write down exactly what it is I want to work on so I can clear my mind and get my thoughts organized. 

Are you a yogi? How will the mat fit into your home? 

I am an on-again-off-again yogi. During the pandemic I have gone through waves of practicing meditation; I think I’ll start off using my mat for keeping that habit up!

How do you like to take care of your mind/body?

For me it’s about getting back to the basics! Drinking plenty of water, opening my windows or spending some time outside, eating a good meal and remembering to listen to my body.