Mare and Jess sitting down with their children gathered around

It’s hard to believe it’s been NINE years since we had the spark of an idea that would become the Gathre we know and love today. As busy, overwhelmed, new moms and close friends, we bonded over the spills, tears, and stresses of raising our newborns while trying to maintain our sanity, our identities and our appreciation for the beauty in all of the mess.


Our lives were jam packed with baby stuff everywhere and endless to-dos and we longed for ways to make being a mom just a little easier. To somehow create literal space to gather together that was beautiful, functional and of course meaningful — allowing us to create moments with our family and live with a little more intention.


With that, the idea for the Gathre mat was born. Blending form, function and simplified design, we started the business selling our Mats right out of Mare’s in-laws’ garage, boxing and shipping everything ourselves. As the excitement for our OG Gathre mat grew, we became convinced we could do this thing for real. So we got down to business, moving into our first legit office and officially launched Gathre to the world with two new collections. And the crowd went… well, wild enough to hire our first employees, get picked up by Land of Nod, and start selling overseas. By 2018 we were in Anthropologie and adding our Home Mats to the product lineup, followed by Bags, Floor Cushions and more over the next few years.


Today, we continue searching for new ways to bring the original philosophy that guided our very first creation into your homes — making space for the worthwhile through products that look as good as they feel as good as they function. And while we’ve certainly had our fair share of bumps along the way, we still lean on each other when things get tough — in business and in life. We’re constantly uplifted by our team and our community. And while there’s no way to anticipate what the future holds, we couldn’t be more grateful for this amazing, wild ride we’re on. We love being able to bring people together by making the everyday more functional and beautiful. And we’re immensely grateful for the opportunity to do work we’re proud of and passionate about.


Thanks for making space for Gathre.



Jess + Mare