Gathre Essentials for Embracing Summer

Gathre Essentials for Embracing Summer

Summer is finally here, and oh boy, are we ready to bask in some rays and take advantage of long summer days! If you’re with us, grab those sun hats and leather mats — we’ve got lots of handy uses for Gathre products to keep in mind as you head outside.

Picnics in the Park

Gathre mats being used for outdoor eating

Is it even summer without a picnic? Next time you’re heading out to lounge in the park, pack any of our mats to spread out as your foundation. Prefer a picnic table? Lay out a Tablecloth overtop to give you a clean — and easy-to-clean — surface to enjoy your meal together. And don’t forget the entertainment: We love keeping the kids active with any of our Play Balls, and maybe even enjoying a few moments of downtime, ourselves!


Recommended products: Mats, Tablecloths, Play Balls


Beach and Lake Days

Gathre mats being used at the beach in the sand

When the sun is high in the sky and water beckons you in, it’s only right to answer the call. Gathre's water-resistant Mats are perfect for creating a cozy and sand-free oasis by the shore, paired with a Caddy carrying books, toys, or snacks by your side. Create a place to lie back, dry off, play with littles, read in peace, or just enjoy the warmth of the sun on the buttery-soft leather. Say goodbye to sticky blankets and sand-logged bags — trust us, you won’t look back.


Recommended products: Mats, Double-Sided Mats, Caddy


Camping Adventures

Family sitting on Gathre mat while camping

There's something magical about spending a summer night under the stars, even for those who have the car nearby with anything they could possibly need! In this setting, utility of what you bring is essential, and mats yield that power of versatility. Whether you're camping in the woods or by the lake, Gathre's water-resistant, wipeable Mats can transform picnic tables or provide a welcome mat for muddy shoes at your tent door. Then there are Floor Cushions or even Poufs that you can pack along to add a touch of elegance to your campfire seating situation.


Recommended products: Mats, Floor Cushions, Poufs


Backyard Hangs

Babies sitting on gathre mats outside

Who says you need to venture far to seize the joys of summer? Lay down our Padded Mats in the backyard for a touch of comfort — and handy gardening hack for hours of kneeling! Littles will be endlessly entertained by their ultimate backyard play area with our Playsets, Ball Pit, and Tunnel (obstacle course, anyone?). Let their imaginations run wild, while you sit back and watch.


Recommended products: Lounger, Playsets, Ball Pit, Tunnel, Padded Mats


Hosting at Home

Babies laying on gathre mats in the backyard. / Gathre tablecloth using for outdoor dining

For many, summer is synonymous with entertaining friends and family. Planning a barbecue, garden party, or cozy starlit dinner? Gathre's modular seating options and mess-friendly leather are your secret weapons for creating an inviting atmosphere. Between having plenty of places for guests to rest and chat, and a beautiful tablescape as your gathering’s centerpiece, everyone is sure to feel right at home.


Recommended products: Floor cushions, Tablecloths, Placemats, and Poufs


While the sun’s smiling down on us, make the most of this season with practical and pretty leather goods that elevate the moment. Let’s gather our loved ones, embrace the elements, and have Gathre tag along on all the summer adventures!

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