We all love a good beach day. But finding a safe and entertaining space for littles to splash around (while mom can actually relax!) can prove to be tricky. As always, our Mats come to the rescue with a clever solution. Here’s how to create a makeshift baby pool at the beach in just a few easy steps. Let's dive in!
Step 01 | Find the perfect spot
Look for a level area on the beach away from strong waves or currents. Preferably, it’s a spot in more dry, soft sand — that way, the underside of the mat doesn’t get too soaked, and the next step will be a bit easier, too!
Step 02 | Dig a hole
Using a small shovel or your hands, dig a shallow hole in the sand. Make sure it’s about the size of the mat, but just a few inches smaller on each side so the mat curves up around the edges like a pie crust.
Step 03 | Place the mat over the hole
Cover the hole with the mat, making sure the edges fold up to keep the water in. Smooth out any wrinkles or folds to create a comfortable base.
Step 04 | Fill it with water
With a bucket, pour ocean water into the hole over the mat surface. Our faux leather is impermeable, so the water will pool instead of soaking through. Adjust the water level for your baby’s comfort and safety — shallow is best!
Step 05 | Sit back (and supervise)
Place your little one in the water-filled mat and let the fun begin!
Step 06 | Pack it up
When you’re done for the day, simply pull the mat out of the hole, let the water run off, and lay it out for a few minutes to dry. Remember to fill in the hole with sand and level it out before leaving the beach!