Gathre is an ethos-driven brand. Our essence of our mission is to gather together, to include others and extend belonging, to make space for the worthwhile — both literally and figuratively.

All people are worthwhile.

One of our brand pillars is inclusivity. In our Brand Style Guide, we state:

“Gathre is belonging. It’s a space saved for you in the circle. It’s the unfolding of our arms (and mats) to let people into our hearts.”

We want you to understand that Make Space for the Worthwhile isn’t a catchy tagline, it’s an intentional way of living. We mean what we say, and we try to live what we believe. Everyday, we actively pray for the physical and emotional safety of all people; honor the worth of home and family; treat others the way they want to be treated; and work to make our communities safe, respectful, and inclusive.

We strive for Gathre to be a safe space for everyone, and to help you be the same. Sadly we know there are millions of LGBTQ+ youth and adults who are suffering from isolation and trauma that could be mitigated on so many levels.

We believe everyone can contribute solutions for a better world, and that everyone includes us.

So, in the spirit of accountability, we’re happy to report on some of Gathre’s recent steps toward respect, love, inclusion, and safety for all:

  • We’ve created a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee to guide us in effecting necessary change, and incorporated a diversity initiative in our hiring process
  • We’ve hired a DEI consultant to counsel with us and provide quarterly diversity training to all employees
  • We’ve developed a new procedure for vetting partnerships and collaborations to amplify marginalized and underrepresented voices
  • We’re always striving to represent varied faces, bodies, colors, and communities in our brand imagery
  • We support The Trevor Project (nationally) and Encircle (locally), organizations working tirelessly to create safe havens for those who are vulnerable

Humbly and with sincerity, we’re pursuing love toward all who identify as LGBTQ+. Please join us in taking loving action — however you’re able — to make the world a more worthwhile space. It matters. Every person, every family, every heart matters. How we treat each other matters.

For more information about supporting the LGBTQ+ community, we recommend starting with the following resources:

The Trevor Project

Encircle (Utah)

Anti-Defamation League

Pride Foundation

Start the Conversation: What Does LGBTQ+ Mean? (Bravery Mag)