Jess and Mare, best friend moms turned business partners, first caught the vision for Gathre as they struggled to find time for anything in their jam-packed lives. While running here and there day in and day out they were desperate to find a way to live with more intention. They eventually realized that a more focused and purposeful life would require some space. So they decided to create that space.

Enter: the original Gathre mat. Born out of a present mentality and a desire to live purposefully, this mat provided a place for spending time with children and friends. It was a literal space for gathering but also offered a space of time for memories to be created and relationships to grow.

This idea behind that first mat has expanded as Gathre has grown. We now create a variety of mats in different shapes, sizes, colors, and thickness to accommodate any and every space. For those needing space inside their homes we’ve got home mats and padded mats. For those needing to take some space with them when they’re on the go we’ve got mini, midi, and maxi mats that fold down and can be easily carried. We’ve also created a line of home goods to fill your space with beautiful things that are as functional as they are stylish. 

One of the goals behind everything we create is to not only make something pretty and practical but to make it so that it doesn’t need to go in a washer or dryer and won’t sit in a laundry basket for a week waiting to be folded. As mom’s ourselves we have first hand experience with the beast that is laundry. We also have first hand experience with craving something beautiful but choosing to pass because we know it’ll only end up being covered in something sticky (as much as we love the little hands that spread the stick we still hate the mess).  

This sounds like a pretty tall order but we’ve found the solution. Stylish, pretty, usable, and so sooo easy to clean: vegan, PU leather that is softer than melting butter. It looks as high end as real leather but offers the convenience of faux.  

All Gathre products clean off with a wipe (or the hose, or the ocean, or really whatever you've got).  Shake off sand, hose off mud, wipe off spit up and spills. Our products are designed to be used anywhere you want to add beauty and lessen mess.

If you want to make more space or if you’re looking to fill your space with beauty, simplicity, and memories we’ve got you covered!