When it comes to babies’ and kids’ party themes, few are as timeless and whimsical as Disney's Hundred Acre Wood. The cute characters, the soft hues, the honey-dipped anything — a recipe for a photo-worthy crowd-pleaser. Trust us, this party theme is sure to be a hit with guests of all ages!
Setting the scene
Starting with decor, nothing says party-time like Bunting. Blow up some white balloons and scatter some little felt or cutout bumblebees for an added touch of sweetness. For seating, set out some Floor Cushions or other cushy options around the room to give your guests a cozy place to relax, while keeping that tree-house ambiance.
The table often feels like the centerpiece of the party, so be sure to dress it up! We love the idea of using a Hundred Acre Wood Midi+ as a snack table backdrop, or grabbing a few Micros to use as placemats. In the middle, try a DIY “honey pot” vase filled with a spray of bright florals — or even a real honey pot would do!
On-theme add-ons
There’s so much fun you can have with the party food! We all know that honey is Winnie the Pooh’s treat of choice. A couple ways to incorporate it into the menu are glazed cupcakes or a snack platter with different types of honey, fruits, cheese, and crackers. Other creative snack ideas might be Piglets-in-a-blanket, or “Tigger Tails” made by coating stick pretzels in orange icing with melted chocolate stripes.
And last, add some interactivity with Pooh-themed games! We love the thought of a "Pin the Tail on Eeyore" station, a beehive piñata, or even creating a scavenger hunt with clues that lead to different characters hidden around the space.
With a little bit of creativity and a few Gathre staples, you can turn your space into a whimsical world that celebrates Disney characters beloved by every generation.