tablecloth setting

We’re entering into that season where dinner parties reign supreme. Gathering around the table with people we love is one of our very favorite things to do in the months when it gets dark early. It feels so cozy and sophisticated to light some candles and chat the evening away, laughing together and “solving” some of the world’s problems.

And it’s not necessarily even about the food, either. Have we not learned in the last couple years that takeout is a perfectly acceptable offering, when it’s offered with love? (On the other hand, if cooking’s your thing, go right ahead with your pork ragu and pappardelle or your apple tart and count us in. We’ll see you at 8pm!)  

Whether takeout or homemade, dinner parties go from just a meal to a memorable moment when the stage for all this friendship and goodness has been beautifully set. We need to feel that our welcome extends to a complete experience, that we’ve gathered our peeps into our hearts, not just our homes.


We want to nourish souls and relationships, not just bodies.

One easy way to throw together a fuss-free event (impromptu or otherwise) is to have some supplies on hand, those elements that look elevated and cohesive but require no maintenance. In other words: the secret to dinner party success. We’ve got the pieces to make your parties perfect, no matter what you’re serving, and our FW21 colorways are Thanksgiving-ready.

Place charcuterie down the center of the table, directly on the Tablecloth.

Table Runners
Double them up or lattice them like the top of a pie. So pretty!

Placemats or Micro Mats
Use as typical place settings or to season up an inviting sideboard buffet.

Filled with branches, our Vases are a one-step, bountiful, beautiful centerpiece.

Get dinner party prepped with Gathre. Just add friends.