After 2020 has put us all out of our comfort zone, we're bringing some back with our Home Mats. These have been a year long labor of love, but we think they were worth the wait. 

As we've had them in our own homes, we've seen easily how much the purpose behind bringing them to life shines through daily, and today we're each sharing our top 5 reasons for loving them. 



1. Versatility. It’s like your favorite pair of denim. Except as a cushy, foam mat. Dress it up (as a kitchen runner) or dress it down (for some down dog). Pair it with shoes for the perfect place to take them off by the door. Or keep it barefoot and relaxed with a mat underfoot for the 100th load of laundry.

2. W-I-P-E-A-B-L-E. Because who has time for anything else? Say goodbye to crumbs and spills, sweat and dirt, and anything else with ease. A simple 1-2 swipe and you’re good as new.

3. Cushy. You know the kind of soft your aching to feel at the end (or start!) of a long day. Your feet 🦶 get instant relief (just as much as those joints and knees) whether kneeling next to the bathtub with babies, standing at the sink doing dishes or all laid out getting your zen on.

4.Pretty. If you’ve been around Gathre long enough, you know this is our #1 mojo for all things product. It’s time to retire the old anti-fatigue mat your MIL uses and update that yoga mat from TJ Maxx. These home mats are sleek and timeless. Minimal and sophisticated. A piece you can love on over and over and over.

5. Space. Our mission at Gathre is to make space for the worthwhile. With a home mat in tow, we feel we can bring a little magic to the mundane. A mat that creates space for more connection, more stillness, more presence, more breath... more messes and cleanup and memories. Add a little spark to your day-to-day with a home mat that makes space for it all.

- Jess



1 - I love that home mats are space to do something. Whether it’s mustering up the courage to tackle the mountain of dishes after dinner, or standing resolute through the never-ending laundry folding, we're doing things on the mat and it feels good.

2 - One less thing to wash. Unlike rugs or bathmats, our home mats require zero laundering, and is clean with a five minute wipe down. Laundry has never been my forte so this is high on my favorite reasons list. 

3 - There for you through thick and thin (literally). More than any other product in our home, these are left out on display and in use 24/7 so it had to be durable enough for our kids, and pretty enough for us. High impact + low maintenance is what we’re always going for and home mats marries those two effortlessly.

4 - I'm a little surprised how our home mats have become a subtle reminder merely by association. Drop the snow soaked boots and coats by the door when you walk in. Kneel to pray on the mat by your bed before hopping in at night. Our whole family needs more of these cues.

5 - They are a safe space: to opt for the still instead of the hurry. To sit with the big emotions and thoughts of your day. To believe that you're worth working out again even if you're not where you'd like to be. To believe in our ability to make beauty out of the ordinary.

- Mare