All About Animal Alphabet + Menagerie

All About Animal Alphabet + Menagerie

Better than your wildest dreams… We’ve got two prints that delight little animal lovers — and their parents, as well. Yes, we’re talking about Menagerie + Animal Alphabet. These best sellers have been around for a few years now, but we wanted to take a moment to really spotlight them! Come along for the adventure…

Ways to Use

From mats to tablecloths to wall decor — you can find these prints in a whole lot of Gathre goods. Here are some highlights + ideas…

  1. Feature a poster above the crib.

  2. Snuggle up for story time on a floor cushion.

  3. Make your gifts stand out with gift wrap.

  4. Use this mealtime mat for their snacks (so fun with animal crackers!).

  5. Host an animal-themed party with this festive tablecloth.

  6. Make playtime more adventurous with a padded mat.

  7. Watch their favorite movies on a pouf.

  8. And so much more!

Lions, tigers, and bears — oh my! It’s easy to see why everyone is obsessed with these prints. And now, it’s your turn to bring the zoo home.

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