A Million Ways to Storage Bin

A Million Ways to Storage Bin

Even the most tidy of households can accumulate stuff. And we even mean the useful kind — supplies, creature comforts, books, decor… the list goes on. Luckily, there’s a simple storage solution that looks good, too. Our leather Storage Bins were created in small, medium, and large sizes to help us stay organized and spruce up in mere seconds. Turns out, there are a million ways we’ve seen our customers use them, too!

Your favorite ways to use Storage Bins

At Home
1: Clean-laundry bin (or a place for unmatched socks!)
2: On IKEA Kallax cube shelves
3: Organize supplies under the bathroom sink
4: To hold extra throw blankets by the couch
5: Storing decorative bed pillows at night
6: Collect kids’ playroom books, toys, and stuffed animals
7: Keep shoes and boots by the door
8: For home gym and workout equipment
9: As a faux planter beside an end table
10: For extra towels or toilet paper rolls in the bathroom
11: Put bathtime toys and supplies by the tub
12: Under-the-bed storage
13: By the entertainment center for gaming consoles and controllers
14: Temporary container for items to donate

15: Keep small gardening tools and gloves together
16: Store seasonal clothing and accessories
17: Collect outdoor toys and balls
18: For holiday decorations and gifting supplies
19: Keep a first aid box handy
20: Fold up cold-season plant covers

On the Go
21: Organize the trunk of the car
22: Hold kids’ back-seat entertainment, toys, and books
23: Carry groceries (especially from those bagless Costco trips)
24: As a mobile pumping station for work

25: Keep leashes and walk supplies by the front door
26: Store dog food containers
27: Collect dog toys in one place
28: For bathtime essentials (with a Mat for the mess!)

29: Put party supplies and disposable serveware in the pantry
30: Stock with extra paper goods for quick refills
31: Grab-and-go snacks
32: Keep cleaning supplies handy for quick access

33: Under the desk to clear the clutter
34: Stack reams of paper and cartridges under the printer
35: Keep arts and crafts supplies
36: Toss extra cords and adapters
37: Hold books, on or off the shelf

38: Keep balls of yarn for knitting and crochet
39: For travel toiletries
40: Put belts, hats, and purses
41: Store vinyl records
42: Hold photo books and prints

What organization ideas will you come up with next?

Shop Storage Bins and share your clever storage solutions with us!

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