From day one, our purpose at Gathre has been to elevate everyday products to a more purposeful state, ensuring they create space where others add clutter, all the while, designing them to feel (and look) as good as they function. Today, we’re proud to say that a home filled with Gathre is a home filled with joy, in more ways than one.

But don’t just take it from us. Here, one of our loyal Gathre customers shares a “Day in the life of Gathre” in her own home.

As usual, I’m up before my alarm, rolling over to check the time on my phone charging on my bedside Gathre Ottoman. It’s too early to be second-guessing color palettes but I can’t help but think how glad I am that I went with Millet, the way it ties into the earthy tones of the rug and the white oak framed portraits of my kids on the adjacent wall.

That’s when the pitter patter begins. Knob turning. Wait for it. Josie comes bounding into my room, Ethan trailing behind her carrying his new favorite Gathre product — the Cloud Pillow, which he basically carries everywhere in the house with him. They make a run for me, bouncing on the bed, leaving no chance for one last, ten-minute snooze.

Off to the kitchen we head for a quick breakfast, the kids’ Alphabet Placemats on the table in the breakfast nook where I cleaned and left them the night before. Which reminds me to order that Untanned Scalloped Tablecloth before my husband’s parents visit next week—not that they’re fancy, but it adds a nice touch.



As I stand sipping my morning coffee overseeing the pouring of cereal, I lean over to rip a sheet from Gathre’s new Paper Towel Holder to dab a drop of milk off the counter. My feet rejoice in the cushy comfort of Gathre’s small Camel Home Mat on the floor near my sink, and I’m reminded why I keep ordering these things. They’re so easy to clean and so soft to stand on, I have one in the laundry room, the mud room, and the kids' bathroom for kneeling at bath time. All beautiful and so practical, they’re 100% worth it, even though my husband thinks I’ve developed an obsession.



He scurries the kids back upstairs to get ready for school as I pop in the shower and get ready for work, which is mostly from home these days. I pull bronzer from my Everyday Bag on the bathroom counter where I keep all my makeup. I have multiples of these, too — one for travel accessories and I carry a large in Fog as a clutch for the occasional date night out. They’re so functional, it’s hard to have just one.

Downstairs at my desk, I fire up the laptop resting on my beautiful Untanned Desk Blotter. (Yes, I have a matching Pencil Cup.) These items, along with our Catchall in the entryway are such simple, pretty additions to our home — they make our everyday spaces feel elevated, and that just makes me happy.

I catch a glimpse of the kids in the playroom which, as you might expect, is filled with Gathre products, too. The most recent addition is the Arc Playset in Nightfall to complement the deep hue of our navy couch. I love it because it keeps them busy for hours but can be tucked out of the way beside the fireplace for easy storage. Speaking of, Gathre’s Caddy and Storage Bins have been a lifesaver for clean-up time. The kids know exactly where to toss their toys on occasions when we have friends over. That way, at least the house looks put together, even if it’s all just hiding behind some pretty leather facade.

This playroom is my favorite space in the house, mostly because I can watch on from the kitchen as the kids entertain themselves with their cute, make-believe games, but also because of the little touches that make it really feel like home, like the Bunting strung by the French doors and the Menagerie Mini on the wall above the couch. Even the Tissue Box Cover resting on the mantel elevates a stodgy old Kleenex box to something more tasteful. What can I say, for me, it’s the little things.



I settle into my emails as the kids romp around on their Padded Midi Circle, their two Loungers ready to scoop them up when they wear themselves out. Nearby are the three (yes, you read that right) Floor Cushions we have, because Gertie, our Mini Doodle, claimed one as her dog bed. The Large Drawstring bag sits on the floor filled with the kids’ collection of Wooden Letters and Wooden Numbers next to the Bin holding our collection of Mats for park time, beach time, picnics and more. This is when I think to myself, “maybe this has gotten out of hand.”



What started with a Gathre Bib gifted to me by a close friend for Josie’s baby shower has turned into a home filled with beautiful, functional products worth every penny to me because they all do something I desperately need — they organize, they clean, they save me time, they declutter, they feel good, they comfort us. Of course, they all look nice. But most of all, they create space for what’s most worthwhile of all — enjoying our home together as a family. Thank you Gathre for being a part of all that is special to us!


– Jen Arnold, Denver, CO