Now that daylight saving time has kickstarted spring, we’ve found ourselves looking for other ways to keep the momentum going strong in our homes. Turns out, the magic number is three — three simple steps to welcome the sunnier season ahead. And far be it from us to stop a few Gathre products from inspiring you, too!
01. Declutter and organize
It’s called “spring cleaning” for good reason, and right where we’d start. Stow away the long sleeves, clear out the clutter, donate what you can — then organize what’s left. Need some motivation? Grab a few Storage Bins for the closets or a Wall Tidy for the office desk. The sense of satisfaction is always worth it.
02. Change up your textiles
Next, swap out dark or heavy fabrics to lighter and brighter ones. An easy way to transform the room is with a happy-hued tablecloth, but you can take it a step further by changing pillow covers, bedding, drapes, and even area rugs.
03. Bring in some greenery
Nothing says spring like blooming buds. Make a stop at your local garden store to kick the season off bright! Better yet, let that new life come inside by cutting a few stems from your own yard to accent your space. Whether it’s potted plants on the porch or a countertop bouquet in a minimal vase, the sight (and smell!) of fresh florals can easily make your day.

If you’re looking for even more inspiration to go along with a newfound motivation, explore our Spring Summer 2023 Collection. We’d love to see how you refresh your own home!