When it comes to ideas for using our playsets, a little imagination can make the possibilities truly endless. Stacking, rocking, shifting, sliding — between the 3-piece Arc Playset, the 4-piece Block Playset, and our many add-on options, you’ll never run out of ways to liven things up!

Arc Playset


Flip the arcs upside-down, sit inside, and rock your way across the open sea.


Graduated Steps

From their upright nested position, pull the arcs out progressively to form a series of steps.


Cashier Counter

Turn the pieces on their side and stack them up large to small for a shopping checkout counter.


Reading Hammock

Use the arcs individually upside down to lounge in when reading or gaming.


Abstract Stack

Large to small, stack the pieces upward to form an abstract building, tree, or tunnel.

Block Playset

Pirate Ship

Put your little at the helm of a ship, with the steps leading onto the deck (cube) to look out over the bow (triangle wedge).


Floor is Lava

Spread out each piece of the playset to jump across them without touching the floor, creating little isles of refuge.



Line it all up in a row, with the cube in the middle as a circular window to peek at all the marine life.



It’s like the submarine, but turned 90 degrees upward to create a shuttle ready for blastoff.


Obstacle Course

Rearrange the playset for physical challenges with a slide, steps, crawl-through, and more. Start your timer!

Multiply the fun!

And that’s just the beginning. When you combine playsets together, you get even more opportunities for creativity. Looking for other add-ons?


Try these:

Play Tent — Give the setup a basecamp or headquarters.

Tunnel — Extend your obstacle course or astronautical exploration into another dimension.

Pedestals — Cover more ground for leaping from piece to piece.

Cubes — Build even higher with these super stackable blocks.

Ball Pit — Add a fun place to land softly, filled with balls, sand, or pillows.


What are some of your favorite ways to play? Show us what your family has dreamt up by sharing with us at @Gathre!