Get ready to channel your inner videographer, because there is $5,000 at stake! Yep, that’s right - we’re giving away a HUGE shopping spree to shop Gathre with a stuffed wallet (we’re doing the wallet stuffing). Here’s how to enter:

    1. Make a reel or TikTok about why you love or need Gathre: 
    Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

    - A fun before & after.
    - How did Gathre save your day?
    - One million problems, but Gathre ain’t one. 
    - Drowning in Gathre but need MORE.
    - Have you used your Gathre item 1,000 times and it’s still good as new? 
    - Never thought you'd use Gathre this way...?!
    - Or even better? Something you come up with on your own.

            2. Share your vid to Instagram stories and tag @gathre (if you don't have a public account, make sure you DM your story to us so we see it)
            3. Use #gathre5k
            4. Winner gets $5K to shop the site (announced 11/23)
            5. All participants will receive $10 Gathre promo code! Send an email to with a screenshot of your story + subject line "Black Friday Giveaway" to redeem
            6. Tell your friends, your mom, your dog, your baby. We want EVERYONE in on this giveaway.

            We want to see it alllllllll. Help us convert some people to the Gathre life.