Welcoming 2017 Summer Prints

We are thrilled to introduce our Summer 2017 print collection. We wanted this collection to feel as bright as the warm summer months ahead and timeless. The airy and subtle palette that we were drawn to feels like a neutral we'll never tire of.
Say hello to Geo, Dot, and Stripe. With a nod to the adventure, these mats were inspired by the curves of the earth, scattered stars on those summer nights, and the constant waves of the beach. 
The design process always starts about 9 months out where we seek color and design inspiration (basically, a bunch of time on pinterest). From there, our talented designer mocks up several rounds of drafts that we edit and print then reedit and reprint. Once we have a final design we love, we send it to be made, which always requires a couple sampling rounds. When finished we end up with a product that feels almost like a child. It's a gratifying process and one of our favorite parts of our work.


Thanks for dropping by. For more inspiration, be sure to check out the full collection catalog here. Your support of our dreams here at Gathre means more to us than we'll ever be able to say, and more than you'll ever probably know, but thank you! We so appreciate it, and hope these patterns will accompany you on many gatherings with your loves this summer. 


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