Today we are so excited to share an incredible Salt Dough Maps DIY from Stephanie over at @auburnsoul on instagram. She is mother of  four darling kiddos who documents her homeschooling journey over at She inspires us in every way possible and we know you'll love everything she shares.

Purchase the mats Stephanie used here (mint) and here (flax).

Here's what Stephanie had to share about this experience:

"We had our public schooled cousins over this summer and the kids wanted to do "school" together. I've been wanting to make salt dough maps for so long. They were my favorite as a kid so today was the day! (I've included the recipe below).

We do everything we can outside during the spring/summer/fall because we love to be outdoors in the fresh air while we learn. The #adamsfarmhousetable that Dan built me lives outside on the patio. He used reclaimed lumber from his Grandma Adams coal shed. It is covered with tar and nail holes and I LOVE it! I knew it wouldn't be ideal for crafts or mac n 'cheese (I know i'll find a noodle stuck in a nail hole one day), but it's still my favorite, and I just figured we could do crafts at the kitchen counter. Thanks to our Gathre Mat, we were able to make a giant mess with dough on the table and i'm happy to report that no dough made it's way into the nail holes!

I was "this" close to buying a detailed atlas at costco this week. kicking myself now. We had to look up a map with my tiny phone and the kids all had to share. And this globe (also a costco find) has raised mountain ranges so that helped.

We covered the large bodies of water and mountain ranges. 

The dough dries quickly and is easy to clean up. The pieces that we didn't pick up, dried quickly. Then we just swept them onto the floor (another bonus of working outside).

We used tools from kits we have purchased over the years on amazon. Wood working and clay sculpting kits for around $7.

When everyone was finished, we set the maps in the sun to dry. It only took about 20 minutes and then we were ready to paint.

I cleaned the dough off the mat while the maps were drying. We only had to shake it in the grass. Then after the watercolors I wiped it clean with a wet cloth. Bam! So easy! I really wish we could work outside all year.

I try to do messy activities like this while Berdee sleeps. She woke up just in time to see the finished product!
Salt Dough Recipe
2 C flour
1 C salt
3/4 C water
Draw your state / country / city on cardboard with a pencil
Trace with a sharpie
Apply dough inside the designated area
Get creative with your landscape!
(We also used rolling pins to help spread the dough evenly for a fresh canvas to work with).
Thank you Stephanie! If you have any questions you'd like to send her, shoot her an email here --

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