Poetry Tea Time

We are so thrilled to bring you this darling idea to do with your children this summer, homeschooling or not! From the lovely Tiffany over at @tiffanyljack, who documents her homeschool journey as a momma of four sweet children. 

"Poetry Tea Time is a regular part of our week. We're always on the look out for fun biscuits, and additions to our tea time. You can make it as simple or fancy as you would like. Pull out your favorite tea set (ours is a simple one that I don't worry about too much around the kids), choose your favorite fruity herbal tea, add a few fun biscuits, and gathre around to enjoy poetry in all forms. Occasionally we contribute our own poems to tea time, other times we enjoy the works of others. My kids look forward to tea time all week. It's one way to expose them to great literature in a fun and memorable way."

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