Our roots

Just a few years ago we were sitting down in a cold garage proposing different names for our brand. It feels like an eternity and yesterday all at the same time. We remember when the word Gathre was said. It was almost too simple but all too perfect. And with the deepest excitement we decided on it and have never looked back.

Fast forward to the end of December 2017, this time sitting at our studio of three years. It was our end of year board meeting. The tears flowed with gratitude — what a ride it’s been, and a GOOD one — but they also flowed in defeat. Carry the beautiful. Gather together. Be present. Recognize the small and grand moments. Savor them. Hold onto them. BE. The words swirl around our heads every minute of every day. Our work revolves around them. We've wanted to give people something to believe in. But somehow as we have worked hard to share our message with the world, we've lost a bit of it ourselves. And here we were at the end of an admittedly incredible year for Gathre, but not feeling particularly fulfilled in our personal lives. The realization broke our spirits.

We recently came across this quote by Alex Elle that has defined our approach to 2018. “Trust yourself enough to let go, shift and uproot. Give yourself permission to shed who you used to be. You are allowed to start over and find new ways to bloom into your best self.” This year we’re going back to our roots. We are searching for our deepest hopes and bringing them to life in our own families, the very thing that matters most to us. It’s a year of intention, of peace, of growth and change, grace and forgiveness. It’s about holding on to the lessons we’ve learned, but giving ourselves the space to become better. To be present. To love hard and not apologize for it.

2018 is here and we’re happy to have a year of new days. “Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.” We invite you join in on our journey back to #gathre. We’ll be documenting how we’re living with greater presence this year and want to learn from you too. Discussion, challenges, and inspiration are coming your way. So come join us.

This month we are launching a new kind of campaign for the year. Each month we will be focusing on a word. One that resonates with our resolve to be present and intentional with our time. A word that challenges us. We once heard that the power of choosing a word to focus on, rather than a list of resolutions, has the power to change us to make better decisions.

For January, we chose the word, Quiet.

We are going to focus on quieting the world. Putting our phones and laptops down when we’re home. Giving our full attention to those who matter most. Quieting ourselves. Just listening to our inner voices, listening to others. Quieting the noise, and choosing to listen to God.


Marilee + Jessica

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