mini olympics + crown DIY

We've been feeling all the feels watching the Olympic games this summer. It's such a beautiful event that brings our world + hearts together. Ah! We wish it would never end. In an effort to teach our kids about the games, we put together a mini olympics for them! It was a huge hit and had us all laughing on the floor, quite literally. I grew up watching the most darling little Disney video about Goofy, The Olympic Champ. It gives a little overview of the olympics and it's just so cute. We started our mini olympics by showing the kids that short film. They ate it up + giggled through the whole thing. 

After the video we got right to the games. Some old pillowcases and little straps made for some great sack racing and three legged races. Add in some hurdle jumping and pushup contests and you've got entertainment for hours. The kids really loved racing together, despite a few tumbles and falls along the way. It was so fun for them to cheer each other on and learn teamwork. 

Once the games were completed, we got ready for the handing out of medals and ceremonies. This was our favorite part. We gave each kid a gold medal which they proudly wore. We used some old crates to create a podium, which worked great for positioning at different heights. Having the olympic theme song playing in the background was definitely the icing on the cake. They waved some mini flags proudly! We crowned the champions with a gold leaf crown that we made together. Here is a link to the DIY we used. 

All around, it was just magical! The kids had a blast and we loved watching them. You could easily turn this into a party for you kids this weekend as all the track events start! Happy Olympic watching friends! xo

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