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Meet Sili and her Twin Sister Nia

G: Can you introduce us to your Other Mother?
S: This is my twin sister Nia. She was born five minutes before me, and has been five steps ahead ever since!
G: What's a favorite memory of Nia?
S: I remember when we were in our early teens, we went camping on our birthday and I woke up to a huge happy birthday sign over my sleeping bag. The girl had the forethought and maturity to make the poster beforehand, pack it neatly in her bag, time the surprise correctly so that the poster was hung before I woke up, AND WE WERE LITTLE TEENS!! Seriously?! Her maturity and compassion as a teen is still an example I look up to today. She is just super in that way, I personally don't think it's normal. I mean, did I do a birthday surprise for her? No, because I was just a normal teen. Haha.
G: As twins, did you ever struggle to get along? Can you describe your relationship now?  
S: I definitely went through my stages of being unlikeable, possibly down right rotten And through it all, Nia has always been there by my side.
Our relationship now is one of the greatest blessing of my life. Pregnancy is extremely hard on my mind and body. My mental health, during pregnancy and postpartum, plummet to rock bottom lows. I have found that staying physically active and getting out of the house seems to do the trick for my morning sickness and postpartum depression.
When I was pregnant last, Nia, while pregnant herself, would pack up her kids and meet me at the park in the early morning hours and keep me company while I would wobble around the playground to get some exercise and we would enjoy the sun, fresh air, and company! I'm a strong believer that every mom needs a mom friend, and Nia is my best mom friend!
G: You have kids that are similar ages, right? Can you tell us about that?
S: My experience of motherhood would be so lonely and hard if I didn't have my twin with me. We vent to each other about stresses and failures and cheer each other on in hopes and dreams! I never anticipated the pure joy of having my kids and Nia’s kids grow up together. Nia has always set an example of compassion and hard work. My husband and I named our first daughter after Nia and that has been amazing, to watch my daughter grow up around her namesake.
G: In what ways are you most alike? Most different?
S: We're most alike in the sense that we have very ambitious hopes and dreams for our kids, which works out nicely since we do a lot of activities together.
Nia and I started a homeschooled preschool for our children and have been able to do some amazing things with the kids! Whenever either of us have a crazy idea to create a learning experience or life experience for our kids, we're both like, "LET'S DO IT!" Haha! And that has been great.
As for our differences...Nia can cook, bake, and sew anything. She's always known her way around the kitchen! Me, on the other hand. I do not bake. I do not sew. I've been informed that making salads isn't cooking, so although salads are my specialty, I do not cook either.
G: If you were to write her a note for #OtherMothersDay what would you say?
S: I love you Nia. Please make me some of those chocolate chip cookies that I really like. Happy Mother's Day

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