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Meet Marilee's Sister-In-Law Sherry

G: Can you introduce us to your Other Mother?
M: This is my sister in law, Sherry. In my phone her name is Sherry Glazier with five angel emojis because five angel emojis comes close to summing up how much she means to me.
G: What are 3 words you would use to describe her?
M: Thoughtful, Kind, Humble.
G: Is there one instance or memory that sums up why she’s so important to you?
M: Our newborn son recently got diagnosed with a rare genetic disease. We are obviously devastated. Within not even two days someone knocked on our door late at night with huge care packages: gift cards to restaurants, hand sanitizer, easter baskets for my kids, chocolate, toys, games, pictures of our family -- it was like a Mary Poppins bag, and just kept coming. I literally fell to my knees weeping. Of course it was organized by Sherry. Sherry has had cancer herself and been through chemo, which is what my son will need. I’ve taken such strength at her courage knowing she’s walked this path before. It was a moment I’ll never forget.
G: Is there a soundbite or bit of wisdom she has passed on to you?
M: On her fridge hangs a little quote, “The best and most clear indicator that we are progressing is the way we treat other people.” I’ll never forget that because it so accurately sums up Sherry.
G: If you were to write her a note for #OtherMothersDay, what would you say?
M: Dear Sherry,
Thank you for being my other mother, quite literally while my mom lived out of the country, and in innumerable other ways since you’ve been in my life. Besides my literal mother, there isn’t another woman who has shaped my life more. The more I get to know you the more aspire to be like you. So glad I gotchya.  xo - mare



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