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Meet Kera and her Mentor Aubry

G: Can you introduce us to your Other Mother?
K: This is Aubry Bennion. We found each other online through mutual friends and blogging, but when we randomly bumped into each other at the Bobbi Brown counter in Nordstrom, we knew it was love.
G: What's the most important think you've learned from her?
K: That being a mother isn't just about having children. Aubry expresses the love of a mother by being the best friend, colleague, auntie, sister to all of us. She's always there to support and uplift in meaningful ways, and sometimes to just be the best person to buy makeup with.
G: Why has it been important to have a professional female mentor?
K: We've always been a support to each other in our respective professions, and representation matters. I'm inspired by her and her success because there is  room for everybody!
G: What is the quality in her you most admire?
K: Her ability to make every person she meets feel like a million bucks and like they have a friend for life.
G: If you were to write her a note for Other Mother's Day, what would you say?
K: Dear Aubry, your loyalty, friendship, and realness means the world to me! Thanks for always being there, and for being an excellent example of a strong, creative, and passionate woman in both business and in life.

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